"It piques interest and makes them ask questions about things which they may have thought about, but have thought, 'Well, that's a silly question,' whereas this opens up the conversation and does so in a humourous manner, such that people are happy to have a laugh."    
- Dr. Poh Lim, Chatswood Dental Associates, Chatswood NSW
"We find that patients, while they're waiting in the waiting room, they're exposed to things that they didn't even know were valuable. ...Channel:D comes with information about the videos so that we can use them as a training tool in our staff meetings."
- Robyn Maini, Dental Care Mt Eliza, Mt Eliza VIC
I've been really happy. Patients are automatically drawn to it, the graphics are so good, it's short, it's precise, it has a call to action and the success I'm getting in new case starts is simply amazing.
- Derek Mahony, Full Face OrthodonticsFull Face Orthodontics
"Channel:D is a huge success with the patients, they love it. ...Without us even needing to start a conversation, [the patients] come and ask questions. Before starting, I knew it was going to be a great idea."
- Dr. Tarcilio Cavalcante, Wyndham Dental, Werribee VIC

"I think Channel:D is a no-brainer for any dentist who wants to increase their treatment volume and their revenue. It's simple, it's affordable, and if you don't take advantage of this, you're missing out on a huge opportunity."
- President of Page 1 Solutions

"The patients say it's really fun and great, it's enjoyable to watch. They really get a kick out of it. ...It gives them an opening to have a joke with us, or have a discussion with us."
- Dr. Scott Robertson, Dental Care Mt Eliza, Mt Eliza VIC
I’d always been looking out for something educational for the waiting room TV that wasn’t too cheesy or annoying to the front office team, and this ticked all the boxes as well as being humorous and original.
- Dr. Ian Maratos, Design Dentistry, Bentleigh East VIC
We really, really love it! It puts information down to a level that everyone can understand. Patients ask me lots of questions…it gets people talking about their dental work.
- Deanna Greenwood, Windsor Gardens, Adelaide SA
Whenever I’ve wanted to promote something special — like a new piece of equipment (The Wand) or a new dentist, or wanting a movie to promote our Facebook — the Channel D team has created something exceptional for me! It’s like having my own private high-end ad agency. How good is that!
- Dr. Wei Shen, Wattle Street Dental, Sunshine Coast QLD
I find patients mentioning things they could only have gotten from Channel D. For instance, I just had 3 patients suggest to me they should get their teeth straightened because it would make it easier for them to clean. I KNOW they got that from Channel D (one of them was yesterday and she’s the sister of an orthodontist!). I think it’s very cool they are coming up with their own functional excuses (via Channel D) for justifying cosmetic treatment.
- Dr. Brett Taylor, Leading Edge Dental, Penshurst NSW