The setup process

Channel D can be up and running in your reception area with a few easy steps. Once you have completed these steps, we will give you 28 days to run Channel D risk-free.



Click ‘Get started’ to register. This will give you access to the entire video library and Management System.
You can explore all of our videos, and get a feel for how Channel D works.


Order a Media Stick

To play Channel D on your TV, we have created a small device called the Channel D Media Stick. It plugs
into your TV’s USB or HDMI port and does not need external power. The cost, which varies per country (see pricing below for details) is only incurred at the end of your 28-day risk-free trial period.


Set up your playlist

Ordering the Media Stick usually takes 5 to 7 business days. During this time, you can add your team
members, select your videos, upload the required photos and get your TV set up (if you don’t already have
one). Making these preparations will allow you to run Channel D straight away, once the
Media Stick arrives.


Connect your TV to Channel D

Once you receive your Media Stick, plug it in and connect to your Wifi. You will then enter your Practice
Key – your unique practice number, found within your Management System. All of your videos will
immediately download and play. This is when your subscription period starts.