Grow Your Business with Channel D

Channel D plants seeds in the patient’s mind…

Patients often have misguided, flawed views: e.g. If it doesn’t hurt, I don’t need treatment. Channel D corrects many of these biases before you meet the patient. How? It triggers curiosity by alluding to problems but holding back on solutions.

…and starts conversations

If the patient knows the problem but doesn’t know the solution, they’ll become more curious. This curiosity creates conversations that are in many cases instigated by the patient. Now the clinician or team member has the opportunity to steer the patient towards better understanding.

Motivate your patients to ask questions

When the dentist proposes treatment for a painless condition the patient may feel like they are being sold unnecessary treatment. Channel D is designed to create curiosity in the patient and have them ask questions. This reduces perceived sales pressure.

A simple way to grow your practice

The dentist selects the topics that they want to do more of. The patient sees the videos and will often chat with a team member. We provide simple communication tips so that any team member can become an expert in just a couple of minutes.