We welcome phone calls, text or email.

No. We want to promote your business, not someone else’s.

As a cloud-based product, Channel D is available in all countries. The only language currently available is English. Let us know if you require another language.

We are constantly adding new content because dentists are always coming up with new creative requests. Currently we have videos on: Amalgams, Anxious Patients, Apnea, Bad Breath, BOTOX, Ceramics, Community Messages, Cosmetics, Crowns, Dental Equipment, Dry Mouth, Electric Toothbrushes, Emergency Dentistry, Facebook, Father’s Day, Fillers, Financial Options, Fissure Seals, Flossing, Google Reviews, Growth Guidance Appliance, Gum Disease, Halitosis, Halloween, Headaches, Health Fund, Heavily Filled Teeth, Holidays, Hygiene, Implants, Insurance, Maintenance, Migraines, Missing Teeth, Mother’s Day, Mouth-guards, NuCalm, On-Leave Notice, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Pin Hole Technique, Pockets, Prevention, Promos, Recalls, Referrals, Sedation, Snoring, TMD, Vacation Notice, Veneers, The Wand, Welcoming New Team Members, Wisdom Teeth, Xmas.

Audio can be intrusive, and many patients will retreat to their smartphones or ask you to turn the TV off altogether. Also, your team won’t want to listen to an audio loop all day.

We will re-make your new videos with the new team member at no cost.

Yes, we encourage that, provided it’s something others can use. There are no additional fees for new content.

All the videos are available to you. You can add or remove videos at any time without restrictions or cost. We are constantly adding new content because dentists are always coming up with new creative requests.

No. All the customisations are covered by 1 price.

You can terminate the subscription at any time without penalty.

Realistically, patients in your reception room are probably more interested in their smart phones than traditional dental education. We capture your patient’s attention with clever scripting, humour, elements of surprise, interspersed with photos of your team. The scripting is designed to generate curiosity and conversations.  It's your conversations with patients that ultimately leads to better treatment choices. Don't confuse Channel D with entertainment or education videos. This is internal marketing. It’s a practice growth tool.