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The Telephone Checklist

To ensure the perfect phone call every time, use a Telephone Checklist. A well organized practice will always have a telephone checklist visible to all team members who answer the phone.

Increase Referrals With Buzz Files

If you were to ask every new patient how they heard about your practice, you’ll find that a significant number will have come from a friend’s recom

The Paradox of Dispassionate Caring

My patient Janet is a single mother of 3. She worked night shift as a nurse in the local hospital.

The Problem With Standard Charting

When we chart a patient in the standard way, we can be inadvertently creating problems.

I was a ‘Greengrocer’ Dentist

My local greengrocer was struggling. A new supermarket had opened in the area and was undercutting his business.

You Lost Me At Hello

When dentists lose patients they usually put it down to “that’s life”, or “you can’t win them all” type excuses.

Give Them a Reason to Recommend You

Admit it: you like being right don’t you? It’s human nature.

Whoops: How We Killed Our Re-Attendance Rate

Losing patients hurts. Losing them because we inadvertently contributed to them not returning is excruciating.

Running Your Practice Professionally Using SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Perfection can never be achieved, but by continually seeking it, we might reach excellence.

Sorry Doc, I Didn’t Know You Did That!

Has a patient ever said that to you? I remember the first time it happened to me. It was over 25 years ago, and I’m still scarred by it.

Practice Sabotage: How We Make Patients Lie To Us (Yes, It's Our Fault)

Picture this scenario. I feel like I’m getting on very well with my patient. We seem to like each other.

Practice Sabotage: Making Yourself Look Like a Salesman

Imagine this scenario: Dentist: So, what can I do for you today? Patient: I’ve got a broken tooth.

Plugging The Leaks: A Low-Cost Idea With Limitless Potential

It’s a depressing reality that many practices are forced to spend 10% of their revenue on external ads and websites.

The Dental Tourism War: A Counter-Intuitive Strategy

There's a battle going on in dentistry today, and you're in it, whether you like it or not.

Why The Dentist MUST Be Liked

Life isn't fair.