Meet Our Team

Dr. Michael Sernik
Michael practiced dentistry for 23 years in Sydney and London and owned 5 practices. Following that, he spent 8 years a corporate trainer across South East Asia, North America and the UK. He then re-entered the dental industry, creating and running dental practice communications workshops across North America and Australia for 13 years.
Janis Gott, Creative Director
Creative Director
Janis was a Copywriter and ‘Creative’ in New York City, working at Macy’s, Grey Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi  for 16 years. After moving to Australia, she spent 12 years as a creative consultant in the dental industry.
Dr. Brett Taylor
Clinical Director
Brett has been a practicing dentist since 1984. He was a former ADA NSW Vice President and a Founding Director of the ADA Centre For Professional Development.
Jordan Sernik
Product Director
Jordan graduated from The University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Design (Architecture). He has worked in animation, illustration, 3D visualisation and user experience design for over 10 years.